【DbD】 Stream #94 スレ民翻訳 高ラン帯の生存率 何回切断でBANか 鯖の目的の追加等

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Q プレイ時間で(DLCが)アンロックされるようになるとして、具体的にどの程度の時間ですか?本当にプレイ時間ですか?それともシャード払いですか?
When the new patches come and you can unlock with playtime, how exactly will that work? Is it literally going to be hours or shards?

A 現在のところ、正確な情報を提供できません。しかしFAQの準備中です。
Isabelle – “For now, we are not ready to share the exact context. But we are preparing an FAQ to share with you.”
Mathieu – “It’s not gonna be the shards system, but it’s gonna be different.”
Isabelle – “There will be things for everyone, as has been mentioned in the video.”

Q いつキラーの音バグは直ります?
Killer audio issue fix when?

A 次のパッチです。
Mathieu – “There’s some things that have been adjusted, and it’s in the next patch coming.”

Will there ever be fan-made Killers or Survivors?
Mathieu – “Probably not a 1-to-1, but we’ve integrated bits of outfit for The Trapper in the past and we’ve talked about the Stream Workshop in the past.”

Are you doing an Easter event?
Mathieu – “No, it’s just me sitting in my underwear at home eating chocolate. Nobody’s invited.”

How would I go about becoming a game director?
Mathieu – “Basically, work in the industry for 10 years [as a start] to learn the ins-and-outs, and then you have to be willing for everyone else to take credit
but take the blame for everything.”

Q (キラーの新コスメが発表されていましたが、)サバイバー用の衣装の開発もやっておりますか?
Are you making cosmetics for Survivors as well?

A 勿論です
Philip – “Yes, sir.”
Mathieu – “Of course!”

Altered animations for abilities?
Mathieu – “I’m not gonna answer that right now.”


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If PTB is part of the development cycle, will the new Chapters be released in the PTB before going live?
Mathieu – “Most likely, in some form or another, we’re gonna make sure this gets tested in the community at large.”

Q 高ランク帯でのサバイバーの生存率を教えてください。
Survival Stats at high ranks?

A 統計は作っていません。が、全てのプラットフォームにおいて、生存率は最大47%程度です。これは凄い。
Mathieu – “I wasn’t able to get visuals on that, but for all platforms, all ranks is ~47% of escapes per match, which is great.
When you get between Rank 1 & 5, it drops a little bit to 43%~45%. Starting next week, we should be able to give you fancy stats again.”

What do you have planned to celebrate stream #100?
Mathieu – “Nothing.”

Q 何回切断すればバンになりますか?
How many DC’s does it actually take until players are getting banned for regularly reining other players’ matches?

A 具体的な数値は公開したくありません。そんなもの公開したら情報を悪用する人が増えてしまいます。
Mathieu – “We don’t want to give hard numbers on that, because the people who try to play our system will use this information to be a dick even more.
But let it be known that if you don’t DC on purpose will never get banned.”

Q サバイバーの目的を追加する予定はありますか?
Are you planning on adding more objectives for Survivors?

A 逆罠のような、ちょっとしたサブ目標の案が実現するかもしれません。
Mathieu – “Like the Reverse Bear Trap, that’s a little side-objective, we do have a few other ideas that may come in like that.
As we keep saying, we’re not gonna redo the game, but a few more things to play and enjoy yourself will very likely make it in.”

Q ドリームトランジション中にサバイバーが出来ること/出来ないことを変更する件を検討しておりますか?
Are you considering any changes to what Survivors can and cannot do during Dream Transition?

A 悪夢世界とそのエフェクトについて、検討はしています。プレイが快適になるような調整をしたいと考えています。
Mathieu – “We are looking into the Dream and its effects. We want to tweak and adjust it so that people are feeling better about it.”


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Q ハグのテレポートに、テレポートボタンを押した瞬間のモーメントを付与できませんか?(意訳: 移動しながらテレポートしたらテレポート先で即移動状態にさせろ。停止させるな。)
Can you please give Hag the same momentum after teleport as she has when you press the teleport button?

Mathieu – “We understand there is some frustration there, but it’s as designed. It could be changed, but it’s part of limitations to The Hag.”

Q 以前にランク20向けの修正をするのは何故なのかと質問された時に、「全てのランク向けのバランスを考えています。ランク20/1向けの修正をする際にはランク1/20に影響しないように注意しています」と答えました。
When you were asked why the game was balanced around Rank 20’s, you responded by saying
‘we balance the game around all ranks and that when we do changes that are specific for 20’s or 1’s, we try to make sure it doesn’t affect the other side.’
Why is this statement not consistent with the overwhelming consensus among top-tier players
that Freddy is the worst Killer in this game and that he’s absolutely not viable at top-tier?

A このゲームのパークとキャラクターは全てが同等の性能になるように意図されているわけではありません。
Mathieu – “Not every character and perk in the game is intended to be as efficient as every other.
That being said, balancing doesn’t mean that everything is exactly the same. But yes, we are looking at Freddy.”


Q マイケルの手は大きくありませんか?滑稽なくらいに。バランスを整える予定はありますか?
Myers’s hands are unnaturally, almost comically, big. Do you plan to make them more proportionate?

A いいえ。これはライセンス元の承認を得たものだからです。ライセンス元が希望した表現ですので、我々は変更したいとは思っておりません。
Mathieu – “No, because he’s approved by the licenser; that’s how they wanted him to be represented in the game, so we’re not gonna change that.”



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Q チャットの暴言を自動的に処罰するシステムを作りませんか?
Do you plan to create an automatic system of banning insults in the post-game chat?

A 開発チームとしましては、DbDが全てのプレイヤーが楽しめて敬意を示し合うゲームにしていきたいと考えています。
Mathieu – “We want to make sure that Dead By Daylight is respectful and a fun place for everyone.
Obviously it is a super-competitive game, but there is a few ways we want to look into that.”

Q 以前噂になったキラー強化(移動速度、アニメーション)につきまして、もう少し情報をくれませんか?
Could you talk a little more about the Killer buff hints (like animation and movement speeds) that you talked about?

A 意訳: 来週の生放送で別の担当者に発表させたいと思います。
Mathieu – “I cannot answer that because I’d probably say something that is completely accurate. I’d like to have someone come in next week.”

Now that you own the content to Dead By Daylight, will you consider creating new character models for Killers, like reverse-jointed legs, bug-like Killers with multiple elongated limbs?
Mathieu – “These two things are completely unrelated. The production of the game was always under our control.
This would be super cool, except it would be super expensive. Instead of taking three months to make, it would take six or more. It would create so many weird bugs.”

Any chance on hitting up DreamHack Montreal?
Mathieu – “Yeah, I think we passed by. We probably didn’t mention it.”

Q トラッパーの罠設置の照準は、意図的にずれを起こしているのですか?それともバグですか?
Is The Trapper’s reticle for placing traps intentionally misaligned, or is it a bug?

A 罠設置時のずれが発生することは把握しています。これは正確な設置位置を表示できるように作られてはおりませんが、99%のケースにおいてそれで十分です。
Mathieu – “We know it’s a little weird. This was never created to be a precise tool, but for us it was a tool that did it good enough for this. 99% of the time, it doesn’t matter.”

Are there any plans on making a Mori pack, to purchase different Killer Mori’s?
Mathieu – “We are opening a place where you will be able to grind and buy customization to make your character more your own, and this type of thing would fit in perfectly; [but] it’s not in the initial plan.”

In the future, is it possible we’ll be able to play as the Survivors on the lost tapes, or at least learn more about them?
Mathieu – “Learning about them, absolutely. As far as playing as them, not sure (but it’s not out of the question).”

Q レイスにデフォで暴風を付けて強化しませんか?
What’s your thought on giving The Wraith a built-in windstorm to give him a bit of a buff?

A それはどうだろう…デザイナーに回答させます。
Mathieu – “I don’t know… I’ll let the designers answer that.”

Now that you own the publishing rights, what’s possible now that wasn’t back then?
Mathieu – “I don’t want to get into the deals about that right now, but we’ll get you more information…”


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同社の別チームによる別ゲー Deathgarden

no title


・ データロスト対策
・ チート対策の強化
・ エンブレムシステム

PAX East

no title

no title

no title

no title



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「ドラクエかと思った」「これ絶対ドラクエだろ」 二ノ国のCMが酷いと話題






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