【DbD】開発のQ&A スレ民翻訳 5/14

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Monday Dev Q&A Thread – May 14, 2018


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Q ハグ・トーテムのリワークは6月のアプデに含まれますか?
Hag and totem rework – will they appear in June with all other stuff?

A 今週の生放送で発表されます
Will be answered in this week’s YouTube Q&A by Stefan Horvath himself!

Q エンブレムの調整は6月に来ますか?
I asked this last week and got no answer.
Will the Emblem System be adjusted further and if so will it be included in the anniversary update in June?

A 6月にはバグ修正とエンブレムの取得条件に関する修正が来ます。エンブレムの調整のメインはチャプターの間(6週間後目安)にリリースします。
There is a few bug fixes and Emblems requirements changes coming with the June update. The main balancing will be in the mid-chapter patch.

Q カジュアル層がチェイス/逃避のエンブレムを取りやすくしてください。
i can only hope that means getting iridescent chaser/evader is actually quite possible now for the casual player, instead of ridiculously hard.

A 現在の逃避カテゴリエンブレムには60秒のチェイス時間上限があり、これ以上チェイスをしてもポイントは増えません。この上限は次のパッチで修正する予定です。
Evader had a hard cap on 60second chase which means you wouldn’t get more evader points if the chase was longer than 60 seconds.
That one should be fixed in the upcoming patch!

Console patch the same day of the pc release?

Because this patch bring a lot of new content and changes to game, the process is slower. For this patch, it is very unlikely that will happen.

Q 意訳:窓超え、板壊しが想定された速さにならない件は6月に修正されますか?
Are you guys planning on fixing the issues where killers don’t perform actions at the speeds they are supposed to (Window vaults, some pallet breaks)?

A 6月の修正はハグ、フレディ、ピッグに影響を与えるものになりますが、その速度に関する件については不明です。
This fix is intended to come with the June update but it has not been verified yet. That would affect Hag, Nightmare and Pig.

Q 意訳:ゲームの学習が非効率な点を何とかしませんか?手始めにマッチングをランクベースではなくプレイ時間ベースに変更するとか。
Do you guys plan on a system to combat the insane learning curve? Perhaps base the match system on hours played rather than rank, for a start?

A マッチングに関しては常に手を入れています。6月のパッチで新規プレイヤーがよりゲームをやりやすくなるようなチュートリアルを導入します。
There will be changes and tune up to the matchmaking, as always.
But we are also introducing a whole new in-game tutorial section in June to help new players get more familiar with the game!

I feel like Zemo from Civil War when I say/ask this….for the almost 2nd month in a row…
“Q&A…March 19th, 2018. /u/not_Queen_bhvr It was skipped entirely.

Since I am the only one answering this Q&A and I was sick + PAX + sick again, it has been passed on. Long live Q&A March 19th.

Q スモールゲームの改善提案です。(火のついた)トーテムの浄化が終わっていたら、トーテムに反応しないようにしませんか?
Can you make a small quality of life change to the Small Game perk, preventing its activation while the player is already cleansing the Totem?

A 良いアイディアですね。
Horvath’s answer
That’d be nice!

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>>303 誤訳修正
Q スモールゲームは、、トーテムの浄化中はそのトーテムに反応しないようにしませんか?
Can you make a small quality of life change to the Small Game perk, preventing its activation while the player is already cleansing the Totem?

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Q 意訳:秘密のオファに関しては、オファを使われたこと自体を隠しませんか?切断の原因になっていますので。
Have you ever considered not showing secret offerings on the offering screen?
Many people will just disconnect at the loading screen when they see one and it’s not really hard to guess what it potentially could be …

A その件については、完全に隠すか秘密のオファを他にも実装するかで検討していますが、現在は実作業には移っていません。
We know this is an issue. We have different options for this.
Either we hide them completely or we make more secret offerings. This is not something we are actively working on right now.

What are your opinions on the many hackers who upload their hacked gameplay on youtube?

We take the necessary steps to stop people from hacking our game. Some people are just more persistent than others.
Some do not even use their own footage and do it for attention.

Q 月ごとのランクリセットについて見直し予定はありますか?
When will you guys revisit the monthly rank reset concept?

A 最初のチャプター調整パッチ(6月の新キャラ登場の6週間後なので8月頃?)での予定となっています。どのような範囲のものになるかがわからないため、全てそこでリリースされるとは限りません。
The design team is revisiting the rank reset concept around the first mid-chapter patch.
We don’t know the scopes of the changes yet so there isn’t a ETA on anything.

Q ララバイと同様に、ピッグのアドオンと、多分ダイイングライトとタナトフォビアもですが、ジグソウボックスのスキルチェックに影響しません。これらも一緒に修正されますか?
Are the bugs with the pig going to be fixed including some of her add-ons not working properly as well as huntress lullaby not affecting the Jigsaw boxes?
Is it also a possibility that you would make dying light and thanatophobia work on the boxes as well.

A 今の所、次のパッチにはまだ来ません。
AFAIK nothing is coming for this in the next patch.

Q ニューゲームモードを検討していると以前話題になりました。今もまだ検討されていますか?
It was said in a past dev stream that new game modes were being considered. Is that still being discussed?

A はい。今週の生放送で発表予定です。
Yes absolutely! Will be answered in this week’s YouTube Q&A!

Q レイスリワークは良いものでしたが、高ランクではまだ力不足に思えます。以下提案です。
The Wraith QOL Adjustments in winter were nice, but not enough to make his gameplay suited for high ranks,
these buff suggestions have been posted before, would you consider them?
Remove lightburn, and change the related add ons.
Built in windstorm that stacks with add ons.
Decreasing his uncloak time
Remove/Lessen the shimmer

A 今週の生放送で回答します。
Check out this week’s YouTube Q&A for your answer!

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